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Pure Storage Tackles AI and HPC Data Challenges With Flexible Storage Solutions

Unveils new AI and HPC data solutions to empower developers, engineers, and architects with faster, more flexible access to data for next-gen applications.

Pure Storage's Accelerate 2024 conference showcased the company's latest innovations to empower developers, engineers, and architects with faster, more flexible access to data for AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and other demanding workloads. The Day 2 keynote highlighted Pure's focus on addressing the evolving needs of modern applications and the data challenges they present.

A Unified Platform for AI Data Storage

Rob Lee, Pure Storage's CTO, emphasized the company's commitment to providing a unified data storage platform for all AI needs. With over 100 AI customers already leveraging Pure's solutions, the company has gained valuable insights into organizations' diverse strategies in their AI journeys.

Lee outlined three primary AI strategies that Pure's platform supports:

  1. Foundation model training: Building general models through iterative training on large datasets.

  2. Model fine-tuning: Specializing existing models for specific domains or use cases.

  3. RAG/inference/prompt engineering: Using models for practical applications and insights.

Pure's single, consistent platform aims to provide the flexibility and performance required for each approach, allowing organizations to adapt their AI strategies as needed.

Critical Attributes of Pure's AI Data Storage Platform

Lee highlighted four critical attributes that set Pure's AI data storage platform apart:

  1. Performance: Pure offers sustained, all-around performance for every phase of the AI workflow, from data ingestion and preparation to model training, checkpointing, and inference.

  2. Consolidated and enterprise-ready: The platform provides security, efficiency, reliability, and support for all protocols and tiers, ensuring a production-grade environment for AI workloads.

  3. Container-ready: Built to support iteration, experimentation, and scalability, Pure's platform integrates seamlessly with container orchestration tools and open-source technologies.

  4. Flexibility: As AI technologies and strategies evolve rapidly, Pure's platform allows organizations to adapt quickly and de-risk their AI infrastructure investments.

NVIDIA Partnership: Accelerating AI Deployment

Charlie Boyle, VP and GM of DGX Systems at NVIDIA, joined the keynote to discuss the partnership between Pure Storage and NVIDIA. Boyle emphasized that data is the fuel for AI, and leveraging an organization's ecosystem data makes AI genuinely beneficial.

Boyle highlighted several key trends in AI data management:

  • A shift from relying on labeled data to learning from unstructured data

  • Rapid changes in AI algorithms

  • The need for flexibility in data access and movement, with changes occurring every three to five months rather than years

Pure and NVIDIA have collaborated on validated designs and reference architectures to address these challenges, including the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with Pure Storage. This solution aims to provide future-proof AI performance with unmatched simplicity, allowing organizations to focus on their AI projects rather than infrastructure management.

Empowering Developers With Self-Service Data Access

Joshua Crater from Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, shared how Pure Storage has helped modernize its manufacturing processes. One key initiative was implementing as-a-service delivery for storage and databases, enabling developer self-service.

By leveraging Pure's platform, Kubernetes, and Portworx Data Services, Rivian reduced the time to deploy databases and services from nine days to just hours. This approach solved operational complexities and reduced staffing needs for database services.

Crater emphasized the importance of building strong relationships between IT and development teams. By providing self-service capabilities, developers can focus on understanding and improving applications rather than worrying about day-to-day storage and infrastructure operations.

Enhancing Data Resilience and Cybersecurity

Krithika Bhat, CIO of Pure Storage, led a discussion on cybersecurity and data resilience with Hector Monseour, a cybersecurity expert, and Kimberly Lagrue, CIO of the City of New Orleans. The panel stressed the importance of:

  1. Breaking down silos between teams to ensure a cohesive approach to data security

  2. Maintaining good hygiene practices across the organization

  3. Ensuring data is secure, immutable, and recoverable

Lagrue shared her experience dealing with ransomware attacks and natural disasters, emphasizing the need to plan for worst-case scenarios and build relationships based on these plans. Pure Storage's platform was highlighted as a solution that can help organizations detect, protect, and rapidly recover from adverse events.

Benefits for Non-AI and HPC Workloads

While much of the focus was on AI and HPC workloads, the innovations presented at Pure Accelerate 2024 offer significant benefits for developers working on a wide range of applications:

  1. Faster data access: Pure's storage solutions' improved performance can accelerate development cycles and testing for all types of applications.

  2. Simplified infrastructure management: With features like self-service provisioning and automated scaling, developers can focus more on coding and less on infrastructure concerns.

  3. Enhanced data protection: The resilience features highlighted for AI workloads also apply to other mission-critical applications, ensuring data is always available and protected.

  4. Flexibility and scalability: Pure's container-ready platform allows developers to easily adopt modern development practices and scale their applications as needed.

  5. Unified data access: Pure provides a consistent platform across on-premises and cloud environments, enabling developers to build hybrid and multi-cloud applications more easily.

Conclusion: Empowering the Next Generation of Applications

Pure Storage's latest innovations focus on empowering developers with the tools and infrastructure needed to build and scale next-generation applications. By addressing the unique challenges of AI and HPC workloads, Pure has created a platform that offers benefits across the entire spectrum of modern application development.

As organizations grapple with exponential data growth and the demand for real-time insights, Pure's unified data storage and management approach provides a solid foundation for innovation. Whether you're working on cutting-edge AI projects or modernizing traditional applications, Pure Storage's solutions offer the performance, flexibility, and reliability needed to succeed in today's rapidly evolving technology landscape.


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