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Pure Storage Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations in AI, Automation, and Cyber Resilience at Accelerate 2024

Pure Storage announces next-gen storage automation, AI-powered management, and advanced cyber resilience solutions at Accelerate 2024 to make storage simpler.

Pure Storage Accelerate 2024 kicked off with a bang as the company unveiled a series of groundbreaking innovations to revolutionize data storage for the modern enterprise. With a focus on simplifying storage management, accelerating AI adoption, and bolstering cyber resilience, Pure Storage is poised to lead the industry into a new era of data storage.

Redefining Storage Automation With Pure Fusion

One of the most significant announcements from Day 1 was the introduction of the next generation of Pure Fusion, a game-changer in storage automation. Shawn Hansen, VP and GM of Core Platform at Pure Storage explained, "Fusion will automate storage with a single control plane. It will standardize and enforce policies across the global pool, and now it is available out of the box for all customers with just a simple update to the latest version of Purity."

Pure Fusion is fully embedded into the Purity operating system, making it accessible to all customers without needing separate licenses or external control planes. With its ability to improve and simplify provisioning from one array to thousands, Pure Fusion is set to redefine how enterprises manage their storage infrastructure.

Harnessing the Power of AI With Pure Copilot

Pure Storage also introduced an industry-first generative AI copilot for storage management. Pure Copilot leverages insights from tens of thousands of Pure Storage customers to guide teams through complex performance and management issues using natural language.

Prakash Darji, VP and GM of Digital Experience at Pure Storage,, emphasized the transformative potential of this innovation: "Pure AI copilot is going to make you an instant expert in managing and securing your fleet of storage at scale. You will be able to deploy AI infrastructure easily with the enterprise tools that you know and love."

By harnessing the power of AI, Pure Storage is enabling IT teams to proactively stay ahead of emerging threats, optimize workflows, and simplify storage management like never before.

Accelerating AI Success With Evergreen//One for AI

As enterprises grapple with the challenges of AI adoption, Pure Storage unveiled Evergreen//One for AI, a purpose-built AI storage-as-a-service solution. Charlie Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO of Pure Storage, explained, "Evergreen 1 allows the customer to not worry about one type or another. Pure only charges for what you actually use."

With Evergreen//One for AI, enterprises can solve the unpredictability of AI workloads by leveraging a flexible, consumption-based model. This offering is designed to support any AI workload, from inference to fine-tuning and training, making it easier for organizations to harness the power of AI without the complexity of traditional storage solutions.

Fortifying Cyber Resilience With Advanced SLAs

Cyber threats continue to evolve, and Pure Storage is at the forefront of helping enterprises enhance their cyber resilience. The company announced a suite of new cyber resilience services and capabilities aligned with the NIST framework.

Prakash Darji highlighted the importance of these advancements: "Your cyber resiliency needs to get better over time. So we've aligned to the NIST framework, where we can identify how customers protect, detect issues, and respond, and we're announcing a brand-new set of safety features for storage."

From AI-powered security assessments to enhanced anomaly detection and comprehensive cyber recovery SLAs, Pure Storage is arming enterprises with the tools to safeguard their data in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

Simplifying Storage Consumption With Flexible As-A-Service Models

Pure Storage continues to lead the industry in delivering flexible storage consumption models through its Evergreen//One offerings. Prakash Darji emphasized the company's commitment to simplicity and flexibility: "Evergreen One: the only true storage as a service. Block, file, object. On-premises, cloud, hosted."

Pure Storage offers a unified subscription model backed by comprehensive SLAs spanning performance, availability, and security. It enables enterprises to achieve cloud-like agility and economics for their on-premises storage infrastructure.

Empowering Developers With Self-Service Capabilities

Pure Storage also highlighted its focus on empowering developers with self-service capabilities. Shawn Rosemarin, VP of R&D Customer Engineering, explained, "Developers need a simple platform to deploy and scale across clouds with APIs. They don't worry about storage."

With Pure Storage's platform, developers can easily access the storage resources they need through APIs, while IT maintains control through customizable policies and storage classes. This approach enhances developer productivity while ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Customer Success Stories Showcase Real-World Impact

Throughout the keynote, Pure Storage shared compelling customer success stories demonstrating the real-world impact of its innovations. From a healthcare organization saving $45 million over five years by optimizing cloud storage costs to a global bank automating storage for its 8,000-node Kubernetes environment, these examples highlight the transformative power of Pure Storage's platform.

Joanna Drake, CIO of THG, praised Pure Storage's role in their AI journey: "Pure Storage to access and scale data quickly. Unified data platform allows us to do that and reduce the data footprint."

The Future of Storage Is Simple, Automated, and AI-Driven

Pure Storage Accelerate 2024 Day 1 made it clear that the future of storage is simple, automated, and AI-driven. With groundbreaking innovations in storage automation, AI-powered management, and cyber resilience, Pure Storage is setting the stage for a new era of data storage.

As Shawn Hansen put it, "We want to expand your vision for managing one appliance at a time to a true cloud of resources, where the appliances are simply endpoints."

By simplifying storage management, accelerating AI adoption, and fortifying cyber resilience, Pure Storage empowers enterprises to unlock their data's full potential and thrive in the face of ever-evolving challenges.


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