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Redefining Long-Term Data Archiving

Cold storage costs reduced by 80%, enabling organizations to maintain control of their most valuable data assets without expensive access fees.

The 40th edition of the IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with Eric Bassier, Senior Director Product Marketing, and several other members of the Quantum team. Quantum is redefining long-term data archiving with ActiveScale cold storage and their object storage services.

Quantum is the leader in hyper-scale cold storage archives. Three of the top-five hyper-scalers use Quantum in production and the initial tape footprint is deployed at the other two. 30+ exabytes are deployed globally.

Data growth is outpacing the storage budget as the need for storage is growing at 30%+ annually while IT infrastructure spending is only growing at 10 to 15%. 60% of this data is "cold" -- inactive data that is accessed infrequently.

A Need for a New Class of Storage

Explosive data growth, mostly unstructured, will continue. Data contains an immense value and potential for future enrichment as artificial intelligence and machine learning are able to explore different hypotheses more quickly. However, all of this data must be protected and remain accessible for years, decades, or longer. Public cloud is expensive and data owners hate losing autonomy. Existing file and object storage systems are too expensive.

In response to this need, Quantum has introduced ActiveScale cold storage -- S3 glacier class storage in the data center of your choice with the ability to retrieve objects from cold storage in minutes with no data access fees. This solution offers 30%+ savings versus public cloud cold storage services and up to 80% savings relative to disk-based solutions. There is 100X to 1Mx better data durability than multi-copy approaches and up to 40% better storage efficiency with overhead as low as 15%.

Object Storage Services

They are also introducing a line of fully managed object storage services with services for active data and for cold data. Retrieval time for active data is milliseconds and minutes for cold data. Active data is access through S3 standard class while cold data is accessed via S3 glacier class. Both have 15 9's durability. The list price for active data is $0.015 per GB per month and $0.003 per GB per month. There are no data access fees for either.

Quantum works with a customer to identify use cases that will benefit from a storage-as-a-service offering. Active and cold stoarage classes are selected with durability and capacity commitments. Quantum then delivers design and architecture, installation and configuration, onboarding, and full solution management.

The MyQuantum service delivery platform summarizes account activity and system statistics with a portal to request additional capacity. Quatum cloud-based analytics (CBA) is AIOps software that captures telemetry data, monitors systems, and uses predictive analytics for system maintenance.

Quantum object storage services are fully managed throughout the full data lifecycle providing the advantages of a private cloud while minimizing business risk. This reduces the burden on IT architecture, planning, and procurement resources freeing them up for other tasks. This enables organizations to adopt a cloud operating model with cloud consumption and economics. Lastly, it simplifies long-term retention planning for customers with simple capacity upgrades.


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