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Scalable Migration and Backup

Preserving data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations.

I had the opportunity to meet with Herve Collard, VP of Marketing, Louis-Frederic Laszlo, Director of Product Management, and Damien Mesgard, Product Manager, Analytics at Atempo as part of the 40th IT Press Tour.

Atempo currently has more than 2,000 customers worldwide and a proven track record in M&E, HPC-Research, Healthcare, Government, and more with mid-size to Fortune 500 companies across all major geographies.

They have strong technical expertise in protecting and migrating large data volumes, the ability to grasp complex workflows on-prem and in the cloud, and rich technological ecosystems ensuring broad support of a wide array of use cases.

Atempo provides three primary solutions to help with the ongoing challenges of digital sovereignty, ransomware, and data growth. Lina provides continuous data protection of endpoints including laptops, desktops, and file servers. Miria provides backup, synchronization, migration, and copy of massive unstructured data sets. Tina provides data protection for physical and virtual servers and applications.

Miria empowers workflows via five pillars:

  1. Data Move & Sync -- Moving data wherever necessary and synchronize datasets across heterogeneous storage locations.

  2. Archiving -- Free storage space on high-performance primary storage and manage storage growth requirements.

  3. Migration -- Migrate very large data volumes and billions of files efficiently between heterogeneous storage and systems.

  4. Backup -- Rapidly protect large data sets from damage and loss and ensure lasting protection from a single, centralized platform.

  5. Analytics -- Discover and analyze your data, decide and act, take ROI actions, and enhance data tiering.

All of this is fueled by Data Movers which perform backups, archiving, copy, and move; multiple copies to different storage; and, parallel data flows. For performance and scalability, Data Movers provide fail-over, load-balancing, process multithreading, and data path optimization.

Atempo offers broad support as it has partnerships with all storage providers in scale-out NAS, scale-out filesystems, cloud, air-gap, and object storage.

Anti-ransomware policies are broad as well with a multiple backup storage strategy on disk, object storage, and cloud. Air-gap backup that allows disconnected backup to tape and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). Custom retention for longer retention of data so it can be traced back far enough prior to an attack. Continuity of production at the storage level so in the event of an attack, the backup allows you to resume activity without waiting for restoration. Fully automatic schedules for more frequent operations to minimize data loss following a cyber attack. Encryption capability of all communications and data to prevent possible use or distribution of data. Linux first to avoid Windows malware and crypto lockers.

This year, Atempo has introduced Snapstor to help organizations with large amounts of data (e.g., genomics) to have reliable disaster recovery. At the end of every operation, all permissions are reapplied, NFS exports and CIFS shares are copied and created on secondary storage, and all data are secured by a snapshot. In the event of a disaster, Snapstor provides access to all backup data, accelerated disaster recovery, and restores and resynchronizes between secondary and primary storage.

In the near term, Miria for analytics will address the challenges of petascale data silos: locating data, identifying data, reducing data silos, improving data workflows, and saving time, money, and manpower. The analytics discovery agent will crawl file systems, interrogate online or offline data silos, generate fingerprints of all silos connected to the discovery agent, create a central repository including tag/extended attribute, perform automated, continuous, and incremental data crawling. It is compatible with Disk/NAS/Lustre-GPFS/StorNext.

According to their product roadmap, Atempo will be offering Microsoft 365 protection, data immutability for cloud, disk, and tape, and a one-click set-up in the coming months.


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