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Storage Continues to Evolve

A solution to the "everlasting archive" data challenge.

The IT Press Tour had the opportunity to meet with Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Brian Pawlowski, Chief Development Officer, Ed Fiore, General Manager of Primary Storage, and Bruno Hald, General Manager for Secondary Storage at Quantum to learn how there business has evolved.

For more than 40 years, Quantum has been a trusted custodian of digital data. For the past 20 years, it has focused on managing video and unstructured file data. Today it has more than 30,000 active support contracts around the world and 44+ exabytes of data preserved.

A couple of years ago, they began evolving to focus on the tsunami of unstructured data -- video, images, files, and objects. By 2025, 80% of data will be unstructured. Unstructured data poses tremendous challenges and opportunities. It is exponentially bigger than structured data, its value is not readily apparent and therefore needs to be kept indefinitely, it lives everywhere and new sources of data are created every day.

Unstructured data drives new requirements across industries. Data is created and uploaded in edge environments. The data needs to be categorized, analyzed, processed, and distributed at high speed with little to no latency. And, it needs to be preserved and protected forever. This requires a massive scale that's durable and low cost.

The explosion of unstructured data is driving demand for new storage architecture:

  • NAS is neither big enough nor fast enough to handle it

  • Vast amounts of data need to be kept for years, decades, or longer

  • It's expensive and complex to protect petabyte-scale data sets

  • Data needs to be identifiable and accessible for AI/ML

  • IT needs to spend time helping their companies transform rather than managing storage.

Storage Product Portfolio

Quantum has built a portfolio of solutions to facilitate the end-to-end collection, management, and storage of video and unstructured data. The CatDV asset management platform analyzes and enriches content. The StorNext file system and ATFS NAS platform store, classify, and manage video and data for surveillance, IoT, and edge appliances. ActiveScale object storage, Scalar tape storage, and DXi backup appliances protect and preserve video and data.

The StorNext file system and data management platform is able to handle the fastest streaming data and enable high-speed collaboration thereby reducing storage and protection costs while managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Drivers of the StorNext software roadmap are the growth of unstructured data, edge processing, and analytics, hybrid and multi-cloud making data and software portable. StorNext is now virtualized and able to run on any platform.

The "Everlasting Archive" Challenge

Industries like entertainment and sports, healthcare, and R&D are facing "everlasting archive" challenges as they see the value in mining historical data to create more relevant models to solve business problems and create competitive differentiation.

Tape has emerged as the cloud storage technology for the public cloud as companies look for the most cost-effective way to store data "forever." Demand is rapidly increasing for hyper-scale cold storage and webscale businesses and Fortune 2000 companies will have the same data storage needs as unstructured data grows.

Every enterprise will need to know what data they have, how to access it and be able to query data and run real-time analysis.


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