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The Future Ready Enterprise

Acceleration of digital transformation, cloud adoption, and data security for resilience.

I had the opportunity to attend Commvault’s Future Ready virtual user conference and hear CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani’s thoughts on the current and future state of data protection, as well as speak with Manoj Nair, General Manager of Metallic and David Ngo, V.P. of Metallic Products & Engineering.

During his keynote, Sanjay emphasized the need for enterprises to be agile and ready for anything in the future since COVID-19 has proven you cannot prepare for everything. Data has become more important to the enterprise, as such, so has the security of data. Another key learning of the last four to five months is the need to reduce complexity and make it easier to manage and empower employees.

Data is at the heart of digital transformation and enterprises must manage data with agility and automation. During COVID-19, we’ve essentially seen two years of digital transformation get compressed to two months. The way to succeed with the transformation is by embracing the best technology, the best people, and the best partners to solve hard problems.

Sanjay introduced the portfolio of products Commvault had put together to enable secure data management in hybrid multi-cloud environments:

  • Commvault HyperScale X -- The next generation of Commvault HyperScale is a scale-out integrated solution that delivers simple, flexible data protection for all workloads (including containers, virtual, and databases), optimized scalability, and built-in ransomware protection. The first Hedvig integration with the Commvault portfolio, HyperScale X enables customers to simplify and accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.

  • Commvault Backup & Recovery -- The new standalone backup & recovery product ensures data availability for all workloads – including containers, cloud-native, and virtual – across cloud and on-premises environments, delivering simple, reliable, data protection through a single extensible platform.

  • Commvault Disaster Recovery -- As a comprehensive disaster recovery product, Commvault Disaster Recovery enables customers to ensure business continuity and verify recoverability across cloud and on-prem environments, delivering simple, automated disaster recovery orchestration, flexible replication, and verified recovery readiness.

  • Commvault Complete Data Protection -- The combination of Commvault Backup & Recovery and Commvault Disaster Recovery brings Commvault’s industry-leading functionality into a single data protection solution to ensure data availability and business continuity for all workloads across cloud and on-prem environments.

Metallic is the SaaS division of Commvault that provides backup and recovery for Office 365 to safeguard against deletion, corruption, and attacks to protect Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Project Online with unlimited Azure cloud storage and retention. Users are up and running in 15 minutes.

According to Manoj and David, Metallic has been getting a lot of notice and trial from new logo customers who need to secure new endpoints as employees are working from home. Data protection flowing through the network is problematic. VPN was not built for as much traffic as they’re getting with most employees working from home.

Workload priorities are changing and there’s a tremendous increase in cybercrime with bad actors attacking remote workers. There’s more emphasis on SaaS productivity suites than ever before as cloud adoption has accelerated.

Companies today need to think about their threat vectors and air gaps in the cloud. They need to understand the shared-responsibility model they have with SaaS service providers. Data corruption and accidental deletions are enterprise responsibilities. Companies need to understand where the SaaS providers’ responsibilities end and the enterprises’ begin.

In the same way COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption, Manoj sees security becoming more integrated with the disaggregation of storage and compute in the cloud. Companies will begin to build security around their data as they understand where their data lives and how its driving business and innovation.


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