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WEKA Achieves Unicorn Status with $140M Series E Funding, Fueling AI-Native Data Platform Growth

WEKA, the AI-native data platform company, has announced a significant milestone in its growth journey by raising $140 million in an oversubscribed Series E funding round. The round, led by existing investor Valor Equity Partners, has propelled WEKA's post-money valuation to an impressive $1.6 billion, solidifying its position as a unicorn in the technology sector.

The funding comes when WEKA is experiencing unprecedented business growth, driven by the increasing global demand for modern data infrastructure that can efficiently handle the scale and performance requirements of advanced technologies like generative AI and high-performance GPUs. With over 300 of the world's largest AI and GPU deployments running on the WEKA Data Platform, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on this market opportunity.

WEKA's Series E round is unique in that it was raised entirely with existing investors, demonstrating their confidence in the company's potential and strategic direction. The round saw participation from prominent investors such as Generation Investment Management, NVIDIA, Atreides Management, 10D, Hitachi Ventures, Ibex Investors, Key1 Capital, Lumir Ventures, MoreTech Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.

The fresh capital will augment WEKA's considerable cash reserves, providing the company with ample options to scale its business rapidly, expand investments in developing its data platform software, and offer liquidity to its employees. This funding round marks a significant step forward for WEKA as it continues to disrupt the enterprise data stack and set new standards for AI infrastructure.

WEKA's success can be attributed to its innovative approach to data management, which has been architected specifically for the AI era. The WEKA Data Platform delivers unmatched speed, simplicity, scale, and sustainability for GPUs, AI, and other performance-intensive workloads, enabling customers to achieve faster insights, discoveries, breakthroughs, and business outcomes.

The company's ability to streamline AI data pipelines, support generative AI workloads, and simplify the deployment and management of GPU cloud infrastructure has made it a key partner for industry leaders like and NexGen Cloud. Moreover, WEKA's commitment to sustainability, exemplified by its efficient use of resources and ability to reduce carbon footprint, aligns with the growing focus on environmental responsibility in the technology sector.

As WEKA embarks on its next growth phase, adding Antonio Gracias, founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of Valor Equity Partners, to its board of directors brings valuable expertise in scaling innovative and disruptive companies. With the backing of a preeminent group of investors and a strong leadership team, WEKA is poised to transform the enterprise data landscape further and create new value for its customers, partners, and shareholders in the AI-driven future.

In conclusion, WEKA's $140 million Series E funding round and unicorn status underscore the company's significant growth potential and critical role in accelerating AI and advanced technologies. As the demand for AI-native data infrastructure continues to surge, WEKA is well-positioned to revolutionize the enterprise data stack and empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their data-driven initiatives.


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