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Weka Makes Life Simpler for Developers, Engineers, and Architects

AI-native data platform provides developers, engineers, and architects with unmatched performance, streamlined data pipelines, and sustainable efficiency.

Weka, the AI-native data platform company, recently delivered a series of compelling announcements and performance benchmarks at the 54th IT Press Tour that demonstrated how their platform is making life easier for developers, engineers, and architects working on AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing projects. With its focus on simplicity, performance, and scalability, Weka empowers these technical professionals to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Delivering Unmatched Performance

One key takeaway from Weka's presentations was the exceptional performance of its data platform. In the latest SPEC Storage Solution 2020 benchmark round, Weka demonstrated its superiority across various workloads, including AI image processing, electronic design automation (EDA), video data acquisition (VDA), genomics, and software builds.

Weka Chief Product Officer Colin Gallagher highlighted the significance of these results: "What makes these results so interesting isn't just that Weka is either raw or effectively the #1 result in all the SPEC 2020 benchmarks – it's the impact of being able to handle any IO profile with zero tuning changes between benchmarks."

This zero-tuning architecture allows Weka to deliver outstanding performance without requiring time-consuming optimizations, simplifying life for developers and engineers.

Simplifying AI Data Pipelines

Weka's platform is designed to streamline the entire AI data pipeline, from data ingest and pre-processing to training, validation, inference, and archiving. By eliminating data silos and enabling seamless data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments, Weka accelerates innovation and simplifies the lives of data scientists and ML engineers.

As Jeff Giannetti, Weka's Chief Revenue Officer, explained, "AI requires a new and radical approach to managing data." Weka's unified, high-performance data platform eliminates the complexity of managing separate storage infrastructure for each stage of the AI data pipeline, allowing developers to focus on their core tasks.

Advancing Generative AI With Ease

Weka is also at the forefront of supporting generative AI workloads, making it easier for developers and data scientists to push the boundaries of this exciting field., a prominent Weka customer, has leveraged the platform to manage multiple large language models and datasets exceeding 1 exabyte in size.

The performance and scalability of Weka's platform have been critical to's success, as Chief Technology Officer Shimon Ben-David noted: "Combining LLM, text, images, video, and audio into immersive generative experiences requires rethinking infrastructure, and Weka has been a key partner in that journey."

Unleashing the Power of GPU Clouds

Weka has also been instrumental in simplifying the deployment and management of GPU cloud infrastructure. By partnering with leading GPU cloud providers like NexGen Cloud, Applied Digital, and Iris Energy, Weka is making it easier for developers and data scientists to access the power of GPUs without the complexity of managing the underlying storage infrastructure.

Cory Hawkvelt, CTO at NexGen Cloud, praised Weka's impact: "WEKA is the only data platform that delivers the speed, scale, and simplicity required by large-scale GPU clouds." This simplicity allows developers to focus on their applications and models rather than worrying about storage performance and scalability.

Driving Sustainability and Efficiency

In addition to simplifying data management and accelerating AI workloads, Weka is also helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals. The platform's efficient use of resources and ability to minimize data movement reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Weka's commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the new WEKApod appliance, certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD systems. Colin Gallagher explained, "The WEKA Data Platform provides increased performance density that lowers energy usage by maximizing space utilization, improving cooling efficiency, optimizing power distribution, and reducing idle energy consumption. This enables WEKA customers to decrease their carbon footprint by up to 260 tons of CO2e per petabyte stored."


Weka's AI-native data platform transforms how developers, engineers, and architects approach data management and AI workloads. By delivering unmatched performance, simplifying data pipelines, advancing generative AI, unleashing the power of GPU clouds, and driving sustainability, Weka is making life simpler and more productive for these technical professionals.

As Shimon Ben-David, Weka's CTO, stated, "Software is eating the world, and AI is eating software. If you build an infrastructure platform that can address the challenges of AI workloads, you're constructing a platform for the next generation of computing." With Weka, developers, engineers, and architects have a powerful ally in tackling the challenges of the AI era.


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